What is a miracle? Updates from the Church Traveler

Updates from the Church Traveler’s Journey

A marathon, not a sprint.

I started this blog over 2 years ago in 2017 when I was transitioning to my next adventure (I jokingly referred to it as my ‘startup founding’, the startup being myself!)  after completing three years at Seminary. Well, almost … except for the part about being ordained a priest. I wanted to keep researching, learning, and growing on my religious and spiritual path, and was looking for a way to do that on my own terms.

My dear sister-in-law reminded me that she had enjoyed the travel blog I wrote (on the now shuttered Posterous site), a few years before where I had kept my family and friends abreast of my wild adventures whilst studying Persian in Central Asia – and that she always saw me as a writer. So I took her advice to heart, it certainly did resonate! And I started this blog. 

Besides being busy emigrating to another country and starting over professionally and personally, this blogging thing has also been a long process for my technically unskilled self to slowly learn the basics. I can thank many key friends, family, and supporters for even getting this far. 

Thank you Stephan for rescuing me when I broke my blog trying to follow some tutorial online and fiddling with the CSS! Hands off the code, Bettina. I also am grateful to the amazingly helpful community of bloggers at Nomadic Matt’s Superstar Blogging Course, a whole new world opened up to me since I signed up for the course.

So here I am, with finally more than 10 posts, and actual newsletter subscribers!  As one of the Nomadic Matt team members assured me when I was sheepishly apologizing for not having gotten very far in the course yet: “It is a marathon, not a sprint.”

And this has been a year of marathons! I ran my first – and likely only – half marathon in April in Berlin, and miraculously finished, and in the top half of runners in 3:04. Despite numerous medical and other challenges, I made it. Everything is relative, so good to compare oneself only to a prior version of oneself, and not look too far up or down the line. Yes, many things are possible that we couldn’t imagine in our lives, it just might take longer than expected. So, I’m grateful for the positive feedback that I have received so far on the Church-Traveler.com project, and I will continue writing.

The Berliner Generali Halbmarathon: This was my view approaching km 11 (of 21) and Kaiser Wilhelm’s Gedächniskirche. At that point, I was ready to walk for a bit and take out my phone to make this short video!

I have innumerable ideas for posts! Some examples of posts I’m working on are my recent trip to Samothrace, Greece, another about the Ruta Conventa in Mexico, and another contemplation about how religion is portrayed in pop culture.

I also changed the top Menu to be “Visits” instead of “Churches” which very quickly became obsolete. I visit many churches yes, but also other places of spiritual and religiou significance, and I am also drafting contemplations about faith in general, theology and the history of religion.

The world of churches, spirituality, and religions really is and endless source of inspiration. Mix that with travel, and the sky’s the limit.

Proud selfie with my marathon medal of completion
Proud selfie with my Berlin half marathon medal of completion

Miracles to me now mean not so much a magical suspension of the laws of physics or nature, but what a change of mindset—of belief—can effect. Sometimes the change of our point of view, letting go of expectations or assumptions can happen in an instant, a miracle! But more often than not, the miracles in our lives take time to evolve and unfold.

That’s me in the blue! What a long  day.

Now I have figured out how to add a new newsletter widget for my new subscription provider Mailchimp, so if you’d like to keep receiving updates from me about new posts, which I will send out only occasionally, then please sign up! You are welcome to bookmark my page and check back regularly of course, but I don’t want to spam anyone what with all the newsletters cluttering up our inboxes these days, so I will only send occasional emails with blog highlights or other big news.

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