Who is the Church Traveler?

Bettina, the Church Traveler

Who is the Church Traveler?

Churches? What?! Many of my friends are academics, atheists, humanists, and recovering religious people, and ‘spiritual-but-not-religious’ folks. I can relate.

My relationship to churches and religion is constantly evolving.

After studying languages, history, politics, and philosophy and working in many jobs including in the defense industry, I gave it all up to attend Seminary for three years. But the call to adventure and freedom was still too strong, and so instead of getting ordained, I decided the world was my congregation. And I was going to carry on doing what I always loved: Visiting my people!

Everywhere I go, I meet fascinating and lovely people. I  like to travel, although I’m no expert and often don’t pack properly. I like churches, but sometimes they creep me out. It doesn’t stop me.

I also like seeing mosques, synagogues, mystery centers, shrines, and all the other religious and spiritual locations that dot this globe of ours. Human culture is what I’m interested in, and the humans who create this culture.

Here are some of my adventures exploring these places of worship, and other religious sites and experiences. I am particularly drawn to different architecture styles, altar spaces and the rituals performed there, stained-glass, community space and activities, denominational and liturgical differences, sermons, and exploring how I feel in a particular religious space and setting.

When I’m not gallivanting around inner and outer worlds, I make a living as a freelance linguist in Berlin (www.bettinahindes.com).

Come join me as I travel the amazing world of religion, faith, and spirituality—but also the occasional heresy, hypocrisy, and paradox of modern life.

If you don’t have the time or resources to go to far-flung places just to see a church or monastery, maybe I can help you out — with a blog post at least!

In peace,



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